The Art of Swimming - The Shaw Method

What is the Shaw Method

The Shaw Method enables swimmers of all abilities to swim efficiently with power, grace and ease and to achieve optimal body alignment in the water.

Above all it is about enjoying being in the water.

The Shaw Method, alternatively known as The Art of Swimming, is an approach to swimming founded in 1987 by Steven Shaw, which applies the principles of the Alexander technique to the water. The application of this to swimming results in a technique that creates a sense of oneness in the water, the body working efficiently, in alignment and as a whole in each stroke.

The Shaw Method is all about swimming with ease and without strain, a mindful approach to swimming that takes care and pays attention to the relationship of the head, neck and back throughout the stroke cycle.

As well as gaining the many benefits of swimming, The Shaw method fundamentally teaches people to use their body and mind without strain, both in and out of the water, improving flexibility and balance and promoting good body alignment.

During the last 20 years, Steven Shaw has been developing and refining the technique. Since then, thousands of people all over the world have learned to swim The Shaw Method, transforming their swimming and their experience of swimming to one of greater ease and enjoyment.

If you are looking to transform your experience of swimming, look no further.

The Benefits of Swimming

Swimming improves your flexibility, tones your body, can help to boost your self-esteem and produces a sense of wellbeing, however, most people don't know how to swim properly. Based on my 25 year voyage of discovery into the art of swimming, this method takes the Alexander Technique into the swimming pool, focusing on releasing tension from the head, neck and back. This way of swimming not only feels freer and more open; it is graceful and has a sense of flow, whilst also focusing on maximum efficiency and minimum strain.

Who comes for Shaw Swimming lessons

Whether you are a complete beginner or a competant swimmer, The Shaw Method has something to offer you.

If you are wanting to: overcome a fear of water, improve your swimming, learn a new stroke, improve your breathing and efficiency, take part in a triathlon or you are training for a long distance swim or simply enjoy being in the water more.

For triathletes or distance swimmers the Shaw technique provides economy of stroke, enabling you to utilise your energy efficiently.

Look no further. The Shaw Method can help you achieve all of these.

The method is also suited to those suffering or recovering from back and neck pain, surgery, injuries, anxiety or conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease.

How I teach

Unlike many schools, I join you in the water, providing clear hands-on guidance, along with demonstrations and verbal instructions.

Working with beginners or if you are nervous in the water, this means that I can support you while you are learning, guiding the movements and ensuring that you feel safe and supported in the water. The strokes are broken down into clear, logical and simple progressions and then put together to create the full stroke.

If you are looking to improve your swimming, address specific issues such as breathing, efficiency and performance or learn a new stroke, the approach is the same but the guiding is focused more on movement, timing and the body position in the water.

Every lesson is individually tailored to what you need to learn.

Testimonials (please see next page for more feedback)

Natalie is an excellent swimming teacher. I can't believe how far she's brought me in a few short months and what I'm able to do now. She's done it by being patient, knowledgeable and perceptive - and eternally encouraging. She's inspired me to overcome deep seated anxieties and to persevere through difficult stages, given me confidence in my own abilities. I'm happy to say I can now see a lifetime of swimming ahead of me.

Shirley Cupit 2014 ( ongoing)