Pregnancy & Post Natal Massage

Massage/Shiatsu for pregnancy

Massage during pregnancy can be a wonderfully supportive and affirming experience with so many changes going on in the body. Many women don't consider it possible to have massage during pregnancy, however increasingly women are finding that regular treatments help ease common aches and pains associated with the body changing and preparing for birth. 

Swedish Massage and Shiatsu are both wonderful treatments to experience during pregnancy.

Massage/Shiatsu for pregnancy may help with:

• Back ache
• Muscle Cramps
• Heart Burn
• Oedema 

• General aches and pains
• Joint Stiffness
• Morning sickness

Above all massage can support a general feeling of well-being and comfort during this time of great change and support preparation for birth.

Shiatsu for pregnancy

Shiatsu can be particularly effective at giving relief from some of the symptoms experienced during pregnancy such as back ache, morning sickness,joint stiffness and heart burn. As well as alleviating some of the symptons it may also bring about a feeling of greater ease, wellbeing and freedom in the body. Shiatsu for pregnancy takes place on a futon at a floor level. Shiatsu takes place through clothing and it is recommended that you wear loose comfortable clothing for your treatment. 

Many women have regular Shiatsu treatments through the duration of the pregnancy. These regular massages not only support  a woman through the physical and emotional changes, but may help and alleviate symptoms that present themselves throughout the pregnancy. 

Swedish Massage

If it's a relaxing massage you are after, a therapeutic oil based massage can be the just the answer to the daily and weekly changes occuring in the body. A relaxing massage can ease away some of the aches and pains, bringing about a feeling of greater relaxation and ease in the body and mind. Contrary to what many women believe, massage during pregnancy can be beneficial both in terms of increased relaxation and can also leave you feeling more comfortable and at ease in your body. 

Massage during pregnancy can be specifically targeted at areas of discomfort such as lower back ache, shoulder aches and pains and tightness in the calf and leg muscles. If you have any concerns or particular issues related to pregnancy it is helpful to check with your docter first before having massage.

Treatments should only be undertaken 12 weeks after pregnancy. Where there are concerns regarding symptoms or specific conditions, you are advised to seek medical advice and check the suitability of massage/bodywork treatments.

Post Natal Shiatsu / Massage

Shiatsu and Swedish Massage are both wonderful treatments to support you after you have had your baby. Not only can massage help bring about deep physical and mental relaxation but it can also support your body in the post birth phase. Time for you to be pampered and where you can truly relax and let go is an essential part of looking after yourself and your baby.