Sports Massage

What is Sports Massage?

Sports massage is a massage technique that has been developed to address specific conditions resulting from sporting activity and times when the body is put to the test or pushed to the limits. People may work with a sports massage therapist when they are in training for events such as marathons, triathlons or competitive sport or when a person starts to work towards a new level of fitness.

Sports massage will usually combine sports massage techniques with remedial massage, delivering a focused massage targeting specific muscles or muscle groups. Sports massage is used to help prevent injuries, to support the recovery of the body from sporting/physical activity, prepare for sporting events and to aid in recovery and rehabilitation from injuries.

The benefits

Regular Sports massage may help you maintain a healthier body, reduce the risk of injury and control overuse syndromes, restore mobility to injured muscle tissue and boost your performance.  Treatments are often completed with specific recommendations regarding stretching or exercises to strengthen particular muscles/muscle groups. 

Who Has Sports Massage

Sports massage is not only for people who do sports but can be beneficial to those who don’t do any sport. Maybe you spend your whole day desk bound, or have a physical job, you may be pregnant or just feeling stressed out. People seek sports massage for non- sports related conditions because of muscle stiffness and if pain is present and where there is a desire for improved flexibility and movement.

Sports massage uses a range of techniques including deep tissue massage, stretching and Muscle Energy Techniques  that are used to support optimum function and ease in the body.  A sports massage approach may be the perfect massage for you.

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    Sports massage is commonly sought for the following issues:

    • Muscular pain
    • Sports & other injuries
    • Frozen shoulder
    • Headaches
    • Sciatica
    • Knee & hip pain
    • Shoulder pain & discomfort 
    • Neck ache
    • Stress
    • Back pain 
    • To aid recovery & rehabilitation from injury (Sports or otherwise)
    • Pre & post event preparation & recovery
    • Joint stiffness & pain

    Natalie is a fantastic masseur. As a keen runner, she has always given me excellent advice pre and post marathons, along with appropriate sports massages. I whole heartedly recommend  her. 

    Paul, IT & Events Manager - April 2012