Revive Health

A holistic approach to physical and mental wellbeing

where mind and body matter. 

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REVIVE  provides a range of therapeutic massage treatments, from addressing specific injuries and the results of stress to everyday well-being. 

Whether you are looking simply for relaxation or relief from back, neck and shoulder problems, sports injury, low energy levels, stress or insomnia, Revive has something to offer you.

Choose from Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, Sports, Holistic and Swedish massage.


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    Massage is commonly used by people to:

    •  Unwind physically and mentally  
    • Ease muscular aches and pains  
    • Reduce stress and insomnia  
    • Reduce back, neck and shoulder problems  
    • Address sports injuries / training  
    • Relax and keep well in pregnancy  
    • Support sports performance   
    • Aid sport's injuries  
    • Relax  
    • Manage stress  
    • Life change  
    • Support during pregnancy

    Please feel free to discuss which treatment may be best suited for your needs. Revive can also suggest alternative approaches and recommend practitioners if we think that they maybe more appropriate or beneficial.