Swimming Teaching Testimonials

I began swimming lessons with Natalie in January 2013. At the time I couldn’t swim a length without feeling like I was going to drown.

Natalie has transformed my swimming. I can now swim 40 lengths with no problem whatsoever and would consider myself to be a confident swimmer who looks forward to going to the pool every week.

I feel like Natalie has given me a gift for which I will always be grateful. Learning to swim with Natalie has been a real pleasure and I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to learn or improve their swimming technique.

Dr J Kavanagh

Natalie is an excellent swimming teacher. I can't believe how far she's brought me in a few short months and what I'm able to do now. She's done it by being patient, knowledgeable and perceptive - and eternally encouraging. She's inspired me to overcome deep seated anxieties and to persevere through difficult stages, given me confidence in my own abilities. I'm happy to say I can now see a lifetime of swimming ahead of me.

Shirley Cupit

I'd spent the past 25 years avoiding the swimming. Gradually becoming a very uneasy swimmer and not very confident about stepping into the pool.
The most important and effective thing that Natalie helped establish, develop and improve was my relationship with the water.
Natalie talked me through each step and made sure that I was comfortable to try each new skill. Explaining and guiding me through different approaches, stokes and methodologies. She encouraged me all of the time, remained calm and my confidence in my own ability grew.
Her energy, patience and enthusiasm meant that I improved both physically and mentally during our 1-1 sessions. I'm genuinely amazed at the amount of progress made in such a short space of time.
I'm now able to enjoy swimming which previously was never the case. I feel comfortable enough now to take my two baby daughters to swim in our local pool and they love it.
Thank's for all of your hard work and perseverance.

Dan (Graphic Designer)

I started to get neck, arm & shoulder pain from swimming and so took a course of lessons with Natalie Koffman. It's s bit of a mental and physical challenge as I'm training for a triathlon and don't want to slow down my stoke. Natalie's patience, encouragement, demonstration and hands on approach of guiding me in the water is like a series of discoveries. I no longer have to expend so much energy pushing against myself and the water. I'm starting to feel that I can glide almost effortlessly through the water..... at times. Swimming is slowly transforming from a battle with water into meditative, calming practice... a good way to start a triathlon. 

Thanks Natalie

Laura Ichajapanich (Acupuncturist and Tai Chi Teacher) ongoing

I am extremely grateful to Natalie for helping me transform my swimming technique. She has taught me how to enjoy the water and swim with real ease and efficiency. She is a wonderful teacher, who is good at finding creative ways of working with each pupil's challenges and difficulties. She really wants the best for her pupils and her patient, encouraging (and fun!) style makes for a great learning experience. Thank you Natalie!

Madelene Webb MSTAT Alexander Technique Teacher (ongoing)

Natalie is always very encouraging and positive and makes sure it is fun, however frustrated I get with myself. I honestly think Natalie is a brilliant teacher. 

She is very responsive to my individual learning needs for that day, makes it fun, relaxed and positive and uses a variety of methods – demonstration, hands-on support, feedback....

Natalie’s communication and overall teaching skills are fantastic. She has really nailed how to pitch a lesson to someone’s level. She is reflective, instructive, responsive and above all patient...it has been so much fun being her pupil

Lottie Muir (Cocktail Mixologist)

I have had Alexander technique swimming tutoring with Natalie, and it was great. Within a few lessons my swimming technique changed markedly.

Jacques Blatter